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Cleaning Solutions
Bathroom Cleaner

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the cleaning solutions. The bathroom one is amazing. This morning I decided to spring clean the shower in Chestnut. Usually I have to use bleach and a brush on the grout between the tiles to get them really clean but I just sprayed the bathroom cleaner on , left it for a short while and just wiped the grout with a cloth and it came up really clean. No more scrubbing or breathing in bleach. Fantastic. I also find the kitchen cleaner excellent on my kitchen tiles behind the oven and hob.

super impressed!
Bathroom cleaner life bottle

I’ve just bought the bathroom cleaner life bottle….super impressed! Left my bathroom sparkling and the delicate fragrance (mandarin I think) is really lovely. I’ve tried quite a few natural eco cleaners but this is by far the best one. Will definitely be reordering.

Squeeky Cleaners
Organic Cleaning Products

Can't recommend them enough! New cleaning products work a treat!!

Bathroom Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner

Gets the job done, well happy 🙂

Love all the products
Squeeky Organic Products

Just to let you know we love the cleaning products - all of them x

Bath bomb blitzed!
Bathroom Cleaner

Just used the bathroom cleaner, and it cleaned the grey bath bomb stains in my bath right up! I tried my other cleaner (by method) on one side and yours on the other and the method one didn't work on it but yours did! Smells a little funky too 🙂

Cleared up
Organic cleaning products

Within the first week of using The Squeeky Cleaners Organic Cleaning Products my skin stopped burning, and after 2 weeks I noticed that my itching had stopped. Within a month my skin had started to clear up, especially on my hands and now I’m completely 100% free from the allergy symptoms that affected me so badly.

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