We know our Organic Limescale Remover is great at clearing and removing limescale from bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

But did you know it can do so much more, even tackle heavy duty deposits such as shower heads.

In the section below we will take you through the process of using our limescale remover to descale a shower head, with a number of options and methods to use. (click on the images to zoom)

Scaled up shower head

The Original Shower Head

Here we see the original offending article, a very badly scaled up shower head.

There's surface scale, stains and clogged up holes.

This was actually taken from our new unit when we moved in! yuk.

Shower head soaking in jar of organic descaler

The Soaking Method

The first method of using our descaler for this job is to pour the required amount to cover the item into a glass or plastic container and soak the item. In this test we have only covered half the head so we can see the difference later.

We used a ready to use bottle, but you could also use a suitably diluted mix of our concentrate. Normal strength for the ready to use is 12-1 mix of concentrate, but it would be effective at even weaker solutions as well, although may take longer. So you can be more economic using weaker solutions depending on how tough the job is!

To save money and waste you can store the solution in a sealed container and use again, it will maintain efficiency for several uses, although will get weaker each time.

Shower head after descaler soak

Soaking Method Result

... and here's the result.

As you can see the bottom half is now clean, clear and the holes un-clogged.

This was achieved by leaving it soaking for 10mins, then rinsing and wiping. Then one repeat as there where some particularly large deposits.

shower head in saucer of descaler

The Saucer Method

The soaking method works very well, but we felt did use to large amount of descaler, even diluting double the usual amount. So we decided to try this method on the other half of the shower head.

The head is face down in a saucer or small plate, and just enough descaler to cover the face is poured in. The same concentrations were used as the soaking method.

shower head and descaler

Saucer Method Result

As you can see the other half of the shower head is now just as clean and un-clogged as the first half. So this method works just as well. This would also be useful for other small removable objects.

Again this took two 10min soaks, with s rinse and wipe in between to get rid of the most serious limescale.