Our Story


As with all good ideas, it started to take shape around the kitchen table! To cut a very long story short, my cleaners were about to be made redundant. I was at a loose end and said (quite naively) I’ll start a cleaning business…. in 2016 The Squeeky Cleaners were born. Our business grew very rapidly, outgrowing the kitchen area and within a year we were looking for a unit that would accommodate our growing Squeeky family.

I’ve always been interested in having my own organic range of products, having spent 18 months training in aromatherapy and holistic massage some years ago. The results when oils are absorbed into the body are well documented, promoting well-being, calmness and assisting in helping alleviate physical and mental ailments. At the same time as the Squeekies came into existence, my daughter turned vegan. She opened my eyes to the fact that some cleaning products contain animal by-products, and that finding cleaning products that did the job and met her personal standards was not easy.

By sheer coincidence, or fate when we moved to the unit a few doors up from us was a chemist, specialising in organic solutions. With the help of my friendly local chemist and the cleaning teams we started trialling several cleaning products that we knew were essential in getting homes clean. The results were incredible, we knew the cleaning power of our cleaning products, but the added joy of seeing one of my teams skin heal and look healthy again was truly wonderful. You can see the difference in the before and after photos in Nicoles Story on our website.

So after many, many months of more trialling, independent verification and certification, we launched The Squeeky Clean range of eco-friendly, organic products for the home. All our cleaning products are 100% Natural, Organic, Chemical Free, Vegan and Pet Safe.

This is only the start of our range, we plan to bring out further home and garden products that not only do the job, but do no harm to us, our animals or our planet.

As I like to say ‘There’s clean and there’s Squeeky Clean!’

Claire Nicholas


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