Meet The Team

Did you know that not only do we have Squeeky Shop for our fantastic products, we also have a cleaning business and a laundry! Meet the brains behind it all!

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION – the rest of us will be along soon!)

Name: Mrs Squeeky (Sometimes known as Claire Nicholas!)

Position: Ummm Mrs Squeeky!

A Little Bit About Me: I’m turning 50 this year, where the hell has the time gone! I’m so lucky to have 2 fabulous adult daughters, one is doing her Politics Masters at Oxford, the other is studying Bio Medicine at Cardiff Uni. I live with Mr Squeeky in our home town of Chippenham with 3 crazy cats who are half Bengal. You can often hear us talking to them and them replying! I absolutely love nature and enjoy nothing more than to sit in our garden, listening to the bees and birds go about their day, even better is having a glass of G&T in my hand at the same time. The place that has my heart and always keeps me humble is the Alps, I try to go skiing once a year, the scenery, snow, clean air and the sheer majesty of Mother Nature keeps me in awe. We truly are blessed to live on a rock as wonderful as ours.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I’d split my time between mountains and beach, blue skies, smooth rides whether on snow or in the water. I am Cancerian after all.

If you could choose any super power – what would you pick and why? I’d love to fly under my own steam….like Superman fly. That would be so amazing, no Carbon Footprint and I’d need to eat like a million calories to fuel my flights….no more excess baggage for me 🙂

Favourite Cuisine? Can I choose puddings??? Or a delicious slice of carrot cake?

Have you ever met anyone famous? If not is there anyone you’d like to meet? I would have loved to have met David Bellamy and Terry Nutkins when they were both alive and of course the great David Attenborough, I think I know what they would say, but to hear about their adventures, discoveries and love of the world around us would be amazing.

What’s made you smile recently? Apart from seeing my lovely daughters as lockdown eased a couple of weeks ago, it was a Magnolia tree around the corner from where we live, its big waxy petals opening up, weirdly before its leaves. It always heralds the start of Spring for me, which is my favourite time of year.