Who Are We?

We are from ‘The Squeeky Cleaners,’ we have started our own range of Squeeky natural Eco cleaning products.

We have been working very hard to bring you cleaning products, that do the job effectively, don’t cost the earth, that smell natural and don’t come with any scary warnings!

Why Choose Squeeky Products?

We are still cleaners, we have cleaned thousands of homes, we know what products work, what don’t, what people like, how to get really bad limescale stains off of baths. We have a unique insight into our customers and what cleaning products should do.

We only use the highest quality, natural, plant based ingredients we can find and which are effective as can be.

Are the Squeeky Cleaning Products chemical free?

Yes, all our products from the Squeeky Cleaning Range are made from plant based organic ingredients and are chemical free. We buy ingredients from organic suppliers. The colouring we add is either for foodstuffs or from natural mineral base. Oils are of essential stock with emulsifiers that will allow us to blend with water.

They’re better for your health and also the environment. Suitable for vegans and pet safe.

All components we use are passed by an independent laboratory.

What do you mean by Organic Products?

All our products are derived from plant based ingredients, hence organic material. Organic is everything that is derived from plant extract. For instance, If you look at Acetic acid, in it raw form its extracted from plant life that is going through the stage of rotting (in simple terms, germs). Its part of the bio from the bacteria that turns the plant into mulch.

We buy ingredients from organic suppliers. The colouring we add is either for foodstuffs or from natural mineral base. Oils are of essential stock with emulsifiers that will allow us to blend with water.

Why Did We Start Our Own Squeeky Range?

Take a read here about why we started Our Own Squeeky Cleaning Product Range: https://www.squeekyshop.co.uk/about-us/

What about the old plastic bottles?

Originally we still used plastic trigger spray bottles, as for cleaning products there was not much other option yet. However, we have worked hard to massively reduce the amount of plastic in your life and have now brought our our Aluminium Squeeky Life bottles. So removing the use of plastic bottles completely

The Aluminium life bottles can be refilled for there lifetime from our two dose aluminium concentrate refills. So no plastic at all need go to recycling, just the small metal refill bottle that can be reused or recycled indefinitely.

Shipping Policy

We ship via various Royal Mail and other courier services that you can select at checkout. On week days we aim to package and send same day for orders before 10:00. Next day for orders after that. On weekends we pack and ship the following Monday. On Bank Holidays we pack and ship the next week day.

Delivery Times from placing your order will depend on the service selected, this is shown against each delivery option at checkout.


We ship without plastic wrap or packaging, using sustainable cardboard and recycled packaging where possible.

Old newspapers are a particular favourite, so you might get something interesting to read in your parcel as well.

Return and Refund Policy

In the event of in-correct order content goods can be returned unopened and unused within 10 days of recipt. For full details see our return and refund policy.

What do you do with my data?

Please see our privacy policy for details of data usage.

Is there something which we have not answered?

Contact us

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept most major credit cards using the payzone provider

We also accept paypal, either using your account or a credit card

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