Nicoles Story

This is the story from one of our cleaners showing the impact and benefit of our organic cleaning products compared to traditional chemical cleaners.

‘Within the first week of using The Squeeky Cleaners Organic Cleaning Products my skin stopped burning, and after 2 weeks I noticed that my itching had stopped. Within a month my skin had started to clear up, especially on my hands and now I’m completely 100% free from the allergy symptoms that affected me so badly.”

You can see the effect in the before and after photos below.

nicole eyes before and after

“I’m now a lot I’m more confident and happier in myself. I don’t have to keep my arms and hands covered up. My eyes are no longer sore and irritated and I’m a lot more social.”

“Basically using The Squeeky Cleaners Organic Products has given me my life back!’”

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