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100% Natural, Organic cleaning products. Aluminium reusable life bottles, concentrate refills.


There are no toxic chemicals in our products. Good news for children, allergy sufferers, pets and the planet.

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There are no toxic chemicals in our products. Good news for children, allergy sufferers, pets and the planet.

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Our Aluminium Squeeky Life bottles are now available!!

Contains FREE Concentrate dose. Just fill up with water and start cleaning.

Organic Cleaning

Eco-friendly, natural, plant-based organic cleaning products from the Squeeky Cleaners.

Our ingredients are 100% natural, made with essential oils, botanical extracts and minerals. Free from toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Pet safe, cruelty free, Peta Approved and Vegan friendly. Made in the UK.

Now available in our Aluminium re-usable 500ml Squeeky Life trigger bottles with concentrate refills. Read more >

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Top up our ‘bottles for life’ from the kitchen tap, using our refills of concentrate. It lasts longer and saves you money.
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Concentrate, and ditch the plastic

When your ‘bottle for life’ runs out of cleaning fluid, there is no need to buy a new one. Our handy refills contain two doses  of concentrate, so they give you double your cleaning range. You just add water!

You will reduce your carbon impact from cleaning every time you order a refill. Using concentrate prevents needlessly moving water around, which is bad for the environment and our small aluminium refill bottles are better for recycling than plastic.

Healthy for all, including the pets.

Many cleaning products rely on chemical formulas with toxins to kill germs. The problem is they can also be toxic to your health and the environment. Substances like Phthalates, Triclosan, Perchloroethylene, Ammonia, Sodium hydroxide, Butoxyethonal and others can hurt your skin and eyes and affect breathing. There is even evidence that certain chemicals can lead to cancer over time.

We know from our experience as a professional cleaning service, there is no need for this when we have a better solution. Check out this testimonial from one of our own Squeeky cleaners, who switched to using our organic products after alternative cleaning products made her ill and badly affected her skin.

Pets and wildlife can also be affected by such harsh chemical cocktails. Our cleaning fluid is organic, pet-safe, Peta approved, cruelty free and vegan friendly. And guess what? It’s a great household cleaner that really works.


Our range of natural, eco-friendly, re-usable, plastic free cleaning accessories perfectly compliment our organic products.

Clothes, scrubbers, rags, brooms and brushes, we’ve got the lot.

Cleared up
Organic cleaning products

Within the first week of using The Squeeky Cleaners Organic Cleaning Products my skin stopped burning, and after 2 weeks I noticed that my itching had stopped. Within a month my skin had started to clear up, especially on my hands and now I’m completely 100% free from the allergy symptoms that affected me so badly.

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