A Day in the Life of a Squeeky Cleaner!

By Charley Moxham

Squeeky cleaning products were inspired by the want for our cleaners to use organic, natural and non-toxic products – better for people, pets and planet! Charley takes us through a day in the life of a Squeeky Cleaner, tells us why she loves working for Squeeky and the impact being a Squeeky has had on her purchasing habits…!

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Most days I arrive at the office around 8:45 ready to start my first clean at 9:15. Being a Squeeky cleaner is great as we have such a variety of clients , so every day is different and there is never a dull moment! I clean narrow boats twice a week and houses or offices on the other three days. When it comes to cleaning the narrow boats it is a thorough clean of all areas including cleaning under sofas, inside of cupboards and making up of beds. For house and office cleans, the customer may only want certain things cleaned, for example I do a house where it is just bathrooms and floors, so we really can accommodate whatever our customers want from us!  

Six Squeeky life bottles on worktop.

All of my regular customers seem to really like our Squeeky products and all except a couple of clients ask for us to use them in their houses. There is one comment that stays in my head to this day! We carried out a first clean and the lady sent a review saying the house looked so sparkly she thought she would have to wear sunglasses to look at her bath! You can’t really get better praise than that!

Because all of our products are natural, vegan and also come in refillable bottles, becoming a Squeeky cleaner has opened my eyes a little and made me more aware of the impact I have on the environment so I have tried to make some small changes in the things that I buy. I now try to use reusable sandwich bags instead of plastic ones which aren’t widely recycled, I’ve switched from plastic milk bottles to glass ones and have purchased two bamboo travel mugs so that I can take drinks with me on the go instead of having to buy more single use plastic bottles!

If you’d like Charley to come and clean for you, give us a call on 01249 479202. Our Squeeky products are available online or if you are local you can visit us in Emery Gate Shopping Centre in Chippenham.

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