Egyptian Luxury Compressed Loofah

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Loofahs, once fully matured become reasonably tough, making them perfect for exfoliating, cleaning hard surfaces and even painting! Perfect for use in the shower and bath, due to its unique fibres a loofah is great for scrubbing your body and leaves your skin beautifully smooth.

Egyptian luxury loofahs are a great exfoliation tool with multiple uses. A loofah is a fibrous plant seed pod. The luffa plant is a cucurbit, a group of plants including gourds, pumpkins, and cucumbers. It grows as a flowering annual vine. The pollinated flowers grow cylindrical green fruits that eventually develop into a seed pod filled with many intertwined cellulose fibers.

We’ve cut most of these loofahs in half so they’ll fit on our shelves, and these pieces vary from approximately 25cm to 40cm in length and 25g to 50g in weight. They can be further cut to size with strong scissors or a serrated knife.

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