Seedbom Grenade


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Seedboms are the friendly bombs that grow. Join forces with nature to transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour! You don’t need to be a gardener and there‘s no need to plant them. Seedboms split open upon impact with the ground and grow where they land.

Pull the pin and throw or drop Seedboms into areas that are in need of brightening up. Seedboms like bare soil, natural light and to be kept damp whilst growing. Full instructions are included on inside of each Seedbom sleeve.

Made with a starch and natural fibre based PaperFoam shell, organic peat-free compost, non-GMO seeds & 100% recycled and recyclable glue free cardboard packaging.

Seedboms biodegrade into the environment leaving only plants behind.

Created in Scotland, UK.

For best results use within 1 year of purchase.

Weight – 25 g
Size – 55 × 55 × 80 mm


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