Times Vegan Supplement.

We’re so excited here at Squeeky HQ. We’ve been picked up to appear in The Times Vegan Supplement this weekend!. Will be running the image and copy below:

About 3 years ago, my daughter chose to become Vegan, as a full time working mum I found this very stressful; Vegan food was not readily available and when researched even further, everyday items like fabric conditioner and polish contained animal byproducts.

As my daughters eating habits changed I watched as her skin improved, her energy levels increased and her whole demeanour changed for the positive. That began me to think about my own cleaning company products and how bringing Vegan into the Squeeky World would benefit us all.

After 3 years, The Squeeky Organic Range was launched. Not only Vegan and Pet Safe, they are not tested on animals and are 100% natural.

Our products provide outstanding cleaning of all surfaces around the home; after all, we know what makes a Squeeky Clean Home!

3 bottles and 3 concentrates, apple

In addition, our concentrates remove the need to buy cleaning trigger bottles ever again. Hugely reducing plastic waste, our carbon footprint, packaging and the need for more storage space.
A win-win for people and planet.

Order direct at www.squeekyshop.co.uk or phone 01249 479202

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