Bristolmade Bamboo Make-up Brush

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Made with a beautiful bamboo handle and super-soft bristles, which are both suitable for vegans and cruelty free, making application a breeze. Gentle on the environment, the animals and your skin.

Synthetic bristles

Beauty does not have to come at the expense of animal welfare. This brush is luxurious and suitable for vegans, containing no animal hair. The hand finished synthetic fibres are densely packed and ultra soft yet firm enough to effortlessly apply your makeup with a flawless finish.

Unlike animal hair, synthetic fibres are non-porous, allowing more of your make up to be applied to your skin rather than being absorbed into the hairs, which causes a build up of product and bacteria. This enables less wastage of your makeup and is much healthier for your skin.

The brush boasts a sustainably sourced bamboo handle. Bamboo is a strong grass which is used in the beauty industry for its anti-bacterial properties.


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