Kerbside Compost Caddy – 23l, Blue

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This blue, 23 litre kerbside caddy is ideal for home food waste composting. Its sturdy, robust design features a close fitting lid and smooth, wipe-clean interior. Use with our Compostable Caddy Liners.

Kerbside Compost Caddy.

This blue, large recycled plastic caddy is ideal for home food waste composting. Suitable for being kept outside or in your garage, this quality sturdy caddy is perfect to use as a kerbside bin for when your kitchen waste from your smaller food bin needs to be transferred outside ready for the weekly collection. However, if you have a larger household and generate a lot of waste, this would be great for indoor use too.

Its key features include the robust one-piece carry black handle used to lock the lid ensuring that spillage is avoided, the smooth, wipe-clean interior for ease of cleaning and the close fitting lid to keep moisture and odours trapped inside. The locking lid also acts as a liner trap to secure the compostable liners.


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