Squeeky Washing Up Liquid

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Our brand new natural washing up liquid is here! 100% organic, natural and vegan, in a delicate strawberry scent!

Super Concentrated formula so you only need a small amount, and when your aluminium life bottle is empty simply purchase one of our refill pouches (coming soon!).

Now on at a special Introductory price!!

Introducing our brand new natural refillable washing up liquid! We’ve kept the aluminium bottle, because we think it’s gorgeous, and of course in keeping with our mission to reduce single use plastic as much as possible! As with all of our other products, it’s vegan, organic and 100% natural and comes in a delicate strawberry scent. It’s a concentrated formula so you won’t need to use as much as you might with other brands, and once you’ve run out, all you need to do is purchase our refill pouch (coming soon!)


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