Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Roll


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Bamboo reusable kitchen roll – a soft, absorbent, machine washable alternative to paper kitchen towels. Pair with our Squeeky Multipurpose cleaner for the ultimate cleaning combo!

Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Roll is a great alternative to traditional paper towels in your kitchen and elsewhere in your home! They’re:

• Machine washable
• Soft and super absorbent
• Multi-purpose
• One roll of bamboo sheets replaces 65 rolls of
disposable paper towels
• Composition: 80% bamboo fibre, 20% polyester

Bamboo is well known for it’s eco-friendly status in comparison to using traditional hardwoods. It’s a renewable, fast growing resource and can be harvested within one to five years depending on the species – this compares with the 40 years it takes the average hardwood to grow to harvestable maturity. For more reasons why bamboo is so brilliant have a read here!


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