Coconut Shell Soap Dish

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A lovely addition to your bathroom – this soap dish is made from coconut shell and is a great way to reduce the plastic use in your home. Various designs including fish, flower and leaf. If you have a specific design request please do drop us an email after you’ve ordered and we will do our best to accommodate you!

These coconut soap dishes are made from, well, coconut shell! They’ll make a lovely addition to your bathroom and are perfect for storing your shampoo and conditioner bars.

They’re the perfect alternative to plastic soap dishes. There’s nothing wrong with plastic in and of itself, but when we discard it, even when we put it in the recycling, nine times out of ten it’ll end up in landfill. Plastic, having been created for it’s sturdiness and flexibility, is widely known to take hundreds and possibly even thousands of years to decompose. And when it does? It’s still a problem – the microplastics will live on and on. Microplastics are finding their way into the oceans where they cause devastating damage to wildlife and ecosystems. So although it has it’s place for some items – we think it’s best to avoid it where possible!


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