Clarity Blend Home Sanctuary Diffuser Essential Oil Set

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5 essential oil blends in 10ml bottles with droppers.

  • Active Life: eucalyptus, peppermint, grapefruit
  • Energy Boost: rosemary, sweet orange, peppermint
  • Mind Spa: eucalyptus, patchouli, bergamot
  • Heart Chakra: cedarwood, frankincense, juniper
  • Sweet Dreams: lavender, frankincense, geranium

Transform your home into a sanctuary with five of Clarity Blend’s bestselling Diffuser Blends. Each of these blends is a fusion of carefully selected 100% pure essential oils that work harmoniously to enhance each other’s properties. Each blend brings its own wellness magic: more restful sleep, a sense of calm or restoration, an energy injection or some creative inspiration…

The collection contains their hero ingredients, including crisp organic French lavender (Sweet Dreams), blue-gum eucalyptus from Portugal (Mind Spa™), zingy sweet orange from Sicily (Energy Boost), exotic spices (Heart Chakra) and minty fresh English peppermint (Active Life).

  • Mind Spa™ Pure Essential Oil Blend
  • Sweet Dreams Pure Essential Oil Blend
  • Energy Boost Pure Essential Oil Blend
  • Heart Chakra Pure Essential Oil Blend
  • Active Life Pure Essential Oil Blend

Size: 5 x 10 ml

Clarity Blend’s oils use only 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients (absolutely no artificial fragrances or parabens here!) and products are lovingly hand-blended in small batches.

Suggested use:

Add up to 5 drops in your diffuser or burner. Our essential oil blends are a mix of undiluted essential oils with no carrier or base oils and should not be applied directly on the skin. This is a multi-functional and versatile product and there are a number of ways you can use them.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with skin. Keep out of reach of children.


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