Bamboo Storage Pot Various Designs


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Bamboo storage pot, available in various designs and sizes. Perfect for storing bits and bobs around the home or for food storage in the kitchen. Large: 18cm X 11cm, Medium: 14cm X 10cm, Small: 10cm X 10.5cm.

These bamboo storage pots come in a range of sizes and designs and are useful for storing bits and bobs around the house or for food storage in the kitchen!

But why bamboo? Bamboo is well known for it’s environmental credentials. It’s fast growing, so easier to replenish than hardwood – bamboo takes between one and five years to grow to maturity whereas it’s hardwood equivalent can take forty! And then of course there is the issue of deforestation….

Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases more oxygen than the equivalent amount of hardwood, grows up to three feet a day with little cultivation, very little of it is wasted during harvesting and it doesn’t need agricultural chemicals to survive! If you’d like to read more about this amazing and versatile plant check out this website.



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