Chocolate Bars by Lick The Spoon

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A perfect partner for your afternoon cuppa! Treat yourself with a choice of vegan or milk chocolate bars from Lick The Spoon. Utterly delicious and eco-friendly to boot!

Why not also try these Vegan Hot Chocolate Spoons for a luxurious hot drink.

These chocolate bars from local supplier Lick The Spoon are the perfect indulgent treat.

Lick The Spoon are an award winning local chocolate maker, who use only the finest ingredients in their products. Their chocolate is sourced via Raisetrade, ensuring that a fair price is paid to the producers in the country of origin. Their dark chocolate is made with 75% cocoa grown in Madagascar and Columbia. The Madagascan Raisetrade cashew milk chocolate is made at origin with cacao beans and cashew nuts from the beautiful island of Madagascar and their milk chocolate is 45% cocoa from fine beans grown in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. 

Lick The Spoons packaging is all made within a mile of their factory, is plastic free and biodegradable where possible. They source their electricity from 100% renewable resources. 



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